His Majesty’s Elite Guild Hall

His Majesty’s Elite Guild Hall

A lot of the first book of the Keepers of the Wellsprings series, Call of Kythshire, happens in one setting: the guild hall of His Majesty’s Elite. This setting is one of my favorites in the books, because it’s a place that I feel like I’ve actually been to. I can picture the splintered wood benches in the sparring square, hear the ring of Benen’s hammer from the forge, and smell the wood smoke from the great hearth in the meeting hall.



The guild hall is where Azi, our main character, and Rian, her best friend, grew up. It’s a complex of townhouses, a meeting hall, stables, and a sparring square where Azi’s guild lives and works in service to His Majesty, King Tirnon.

Each member family in the guild has its own house.

Azi’s family, the Hammerfels, live in the far west end unit. Lisabella and Benen are both Knights. Lisabella is a Paladin, and Benen a master smith. This house was appointed to them because it’s closest to the forge, where Azi’s father spends most of his time outside of questing. In the forge area, there’s a split window that looks out into the street, where Sir Hammerfel’s patrons can place orders and check on their wares.

Next door to the Hammerfels live the Eldinae family. Mya Eldinae is the leader of His Majesty’s Elite and a renowned bard. Her husband, Elliot, is a fox-like wood elf. Because of this, their house is full of plants and the windows are almost always open. Their son Rian is Azi’s lifetime friend, and is also a Mage apprentice to her Uncle Gaethon.

Beside them live Bryse and Cort. Bryse is a hot-tempered half-Giant from the north mountains who specializes in the shield, and Cort is a swashbuckling islander from Stepstone Isles who is a master of dual-wielding. Neither have been knighted, but both have served the Elite for over a decade.

The shared residence is used by Brother Donal, the guild’s healer, and Master Mage Gaethon, the headmaster of the Academy who is also Azaeli’s Uncle on her mother’s side. Both Gaethon and Donal have positons that provide them housing elsewhere in the city. This house is also used to accommodate the occasional guest of HME.

In addition, there’s a bath for men and one for women. The Housekeeper’s kitchen, the source of all of the delectable meals and treats that Mouli cooks up, is at the rear of the hall just beside the caretakers’ house where she lives with her husband, Luca.

Read more about the guild and their adventures in Call of Kythshire and Call of Sunteri.

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