Azaeli Hammerfel

Azaeli Hammerfel

imageAzaeli, or Azi, is the main character of the Keepers of the Wellsprings series.  She is the only main character in Call of Kythshire, but she shares the role with Tib in Call of Sunteri and the upcoming third book in the series: Call of Brindelier.

Azi grew up in the guild hall of his Majesty’s Elite. Her parents are Knights. Her caretaker is the guild’s cook, Mouli. Her best friend is Rian, the son of the guild leader, who is also her next door neighbor. Because she’s a girl and most of those she trained with were boys, Azi never had many friends growing up. Her parents and her guild have provided her with a sense of purpose she has never doubted.

She is loyal to King and country, and her dream is to become a Knight like her parents so she can one day stand beside them to protect the peace that Cerion is so well known for.

In Book 3, Call of Brindelier, Azaeli has come into her own.  She’s now a celebrated Knight and a full-fledged member of the Elite, but her allegiance is torn between her beloved country and that of Kythshire.  Her alliance with the fairies there has placed her in a precarious position, and the magic she has earned by helping them is a source of suspicion in Cerion.

Read all about Azi and her adventures in Call of Kythshire, Book One of the Keepers of the Wellsprings series, available on

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