Support Indie Authors

Support Indie Authors

I’ve been a participating author of the Support Indie Authors group over on goodreads for quite a while now, and I was recently honored to be welcomed there as a moderator.

Support Indie Authors was created for independently published authors as a safe haven from the sometimes cutthroat negativity that many authors face from a variety of sources online. If you’re an indie author, I highly recommend this group. Ann Livi Andrews (the group’s ‘Supreme Overlord’) and the rest of the moderators work hard to make it a place where authors can go to seek support, encouragement, and information.

The group recently started its own  website as well. Find out more about it here:

Here’s a guest message from Ann herself:  

***********************************************************************And now, a brief message from your Supreme Overlord***

For those of you wondering who on earth I am and raising your eyebrows at the Supreme Overlord reference, my name is Ann Livi Andrews and I run Support for Indie Authors, SIA for short (no relation to the Australian singer). What started as a small idea in January 2015 has quickly turned into a vast wealth of support, encouragement, resources, etc for Indie Authors.

We have now grown to 5,000+ members and having outgrown Goodreads, we began our own website ( dedicated to helping Indie Authors be the best they can be. We are now 13 Moderators strong and have put in countless hours to ensure an organized and well managed group.

Sure sure, Ann,” you might say. “But what’s with the blog post?

Right – to the point.

We are about to undergo a major transformation on the Goodreads side of the equation. We just celebrated our First Birthday, or First Anniversary, whichever way you’d like to look at it, and with over 5,000 members, I’m sure you can imagine just how many folders, topics, and comments we have to sort through on a daily basis.

In addition, with this many topics to sort through,  it becomes difficult for our members to find the answers they’re looking for to questions that have already been posted. We receive a lot of “Do you know where that one post that the one guy posted a few days ago is?” queries from our members.

So here’s the deal: tons and tons of posts are going to be deleted.


We’re compiling all of them into an easy to read and easy to search PDF that you’ll be able to download from our website. (For free, of course) This will be updated on a semi regular basis (as often as I or my other moderators can – I don’t pay them, you know – at least not yet.)

In addition, we’re going to be posting a new set of rules in response to some of the criticisms and . . .um. . .how shall I put this. . .harassment that we’ve received. The majority of you are super amazing members and we’re grateful for your participation and the respect that you show one another. Unfortunately, a handful of people haven’t been quite as understanding.

With this in mind, we are going to be a little stricter in the future, to keep things safe for everyone. These rules will be straight to the point with no room for imaginative interpretation. With so many members, we’re going to have to toughen our defenses in order to maintain an organized and peaceful environment. We want to keep this forum and our group just as awesome as it’s been for the past year.

So there you have it. Changes are a-coming. But we’re still the same fun-loving Mods that we always have been. The Fun Folder won’t be disappearing. We’ll still be joking around etc. Just remember to keep it respectful and you won’t wake up to a cut-in-half bookmark lying on the pillow next to you.

As always, if you have any questions, or you feel that you have an issue with me or one of my Mods, please send me a message about it. Despite my tyrannical title, I am actually all about resolving conflicts. A happy and content army is one who can conquer many.

***********************************************************************End Transmission – Resume your regular routine***

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