Tuesday Snippet

Tuesday Snippet

I’m happy to say that Call of Brindelier is finally in its final draft! I’m working on my final edits now, polishing things up, and formatting illustrations for the release date set for June 10! I have some exciting things planned for that weekend, so make sure to keep an eye here on my blog.

Here’s a quick quote from one of my favorite chapters, in which Azi is describing the High Court where a certain verdict is about to be read:

This vast room is imprinted in my mind. I could close my eyes while sitting here and still see every detail in the frames around the narrow, bright windows. Every unusual pit in the stone of the walls, every carving of past judges engraved in the massive columns is etched in my memory. Their faces, young and smooth or rough and wrinkled gaze across the vast hall, stern and sober, the weight of justice as heavy on their shoulders as it is on my own.

If you just can’t wait for Call of Brindelier, then you’ll be excited to know it’s now available for preorder on Amazon! Click here to reserve your copy!


About Missy S

Missy Sheldrake is an epic daydreamer and a muse of positivity who weaves worlds full of character-driven, complex fantasy adventures. In 2014 she dusted off an unfinished Tassy Walden Award-winning manuscript from her college days, started writing her first novel, Call of Kythshire, and never looked back. In four short years, she completed the five-book Keepers of the Wellsprings series, an epic high-fantasy young adult adventure that was awarded the Golden Squirrel Independent Book Award in 2017 for Best Fantasy. When she isn't writing, Missy can be found creating fantastical artworks in paint and clay, wandering hidden forest paths, and concocting plots for imaginary people who are beyond real to her. She loves to hear from her readers, so feel free to drop her a line!

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