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Throwback Thursday 1-21-2021


It’s time for Colonel Purple Turtle!

Way back in 2011-2012, most of my days were filled with caring for my young son. Every Thursday, we’d go to the mall to see Rocknoceros and meet Daddy for lunch. One day I took a chance and did an illustration for Colonel Purple Turtle, a character in one of their songs. They loved it, and eventually it lead to my very first children’s book! That of course led to this video, which is only two minutes long but took months to prepare for and 10 hours to film! I did the drawing pages for Coach Cotton’s beginning stop-motion animation, the felt animation pieces, and the claymation figure at the end.

It was a huge learning experience and so much fun to collaborate with the guys in Rocknoceros. I even ended up painting a backdrop that was displayed at one of their shows in the Kennedy Center!

So my message for today is do some things for fun sometimes and dare to show them to the people who inspired you. You never know where it could lead!

Rocknoceros - Colonel Purple Turtle - Amazon.com Music