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Saturday Smile 1-9-2021

Saturday Smile 1-9-2021

I have the most ingenious, life-changing invention which allows me to turn on my coffee maker with my phone. I can switch it on as soon as I wake up and by the time I get downstairs, it’s all ready! It only works if I set it up the night before, though.

Are you a coffee drinker? I usually have 1-2 cups in the morning with oat milk and a splash of flavored creamer. My current favorite mug was an offering from ceramicist Paula Marian for an NCECA benefit. Paula was my high school ceramics teacher, and the first person outside of my family to recognize and encourage me as an artist and creative.

I love this mug so much. It fits perfectly on my warmer, it feels great in my hand, and I adore how unique and special it is to me. ❤ Support artists where you can, you won’t be disappointed!