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Sunday Sketch 1-24-2021

Sunday Sketch 1-24-2021

Today’s sketches were inspired by “Elliot,” the novel I’m writing now. Elliot is the second prequel to the Keepers of the Wellsprings series after “Mya.” It’s about a boy who can shapeshift into a fox and travel through the Dreaming to places all over the world.

Amma sleeping…lost in the Dreaming.
Hana and Elliot

Elliot is coming later this year! Make sure to sign up for my mailing list to find out when!

Sketchbook 12-20/21-2020

Sketchbook 12-20/21-2020

Creativity and spontaneity are so important for our well-being. What do you do you do as a creative outlet? Share in the comments!

Things have been quiet and Christmasy around here this week, so I’ve been drawing spontaneously a lot. These drawings usually start with an eye or a nose and evolve from there. Sometimes my drawings turn into stories. I have lots of sketches of these characters with villages on their heads. Maybe some day I’ll write a story about them!

“Standoff” Ink in sketchbook
“Headspace” Pencil in sketchbook

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